God's House Of Refuge  - Child Care Home International Inc.
Welcome to  God's House of Refuge Child  Care Home, International, Inc. We are excited that you've stopped by.

Our Child Care Home, is a Non-Profit Organization, both in the U.S. and in Ghana. 

We are preparing the best of care for our children, which consist of a a safe house with a loving and safe enviroment, food, clothes, school, transportation and medical supplies. 
Our staff members are qualified and caring  people,  who  are willing to work extensively with the children and staff, to provide a secure, loving and safe environment.
You can help make this possible for these children, by  lending us your support,  through your prayers and by donating your best financial gift. 

Your financial donations will  also assist us, in providing for, and maintaining the facility, as well as travel expenses to bring in additional help with the children.
Please see the donation page for a complete list of what is needed.
Our mission at God's House of Refuge Child Care Home International, Inc., is to provide the basic necessities that the children will need to live productive lives.
If you would like to take part in what we are doing for the children of Ghana W. Africa, please contact me as soon as possible. We welcome any  dollar amount that you are willing to donate.

 Thank you for your much needed support.
Dr. Dororthy J. Page, Founder

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